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Act for our Environment 2024: Growing green together at CIEL Textile

Over 3,000 CIEL Textile employees across four countries weren't just showing up for work—they were showing up for the planet! 

Over 90,000 trees planted in Madagascar by CIEL Textile teams

At CIEL Textile, we're passionate about creating a brighter, greener tomorrow!

Environmental values have always been at the heart of CIEL Textile's DNA

Business Files: Interview with Quentin Thorel, Group Head of Sustainability at CIEL Textile - article published in Business Magazine Number 1638 (3-9 April 2024)

CIEL Textile's companies in India join the Reverse Resources platform

Imagine a world where textile waste isn't just rubbish but a vibrant resource waiting for a second chance. Well... that world just got a little bit closer!

Act for our Community 2023: Spreading good vibes worldwide

Picture this: +2,200 of our talents from India, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Bangladesh gathered in November for the yearly Act for our Community event, and let's just say it, it was incredible!

Act for our Environment: Committed to beating plastic pollution

Launched in 2018, Act for our Environment is CIEL Textile’s promise to protect our biodiversity and natural resources.

Sustainability: Six takeaways from the Winning Well Report 2022

CIEL Textile’s Winning Well Report 2022 is out! The document gives a broad overview of our actions as well as our future plans and ambitious targets going forward. 

83,824 trees planted in Madagascar

Launched in 2018, the Act for our Environment program is the driving force of the group with regards to fostering change in our environment.