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Sustainability: Six takeaways from the Winning Well Report 2022

CIEL Textile’s Winning Well Report 2022 is out! The document gives a broad overview of our actions as well as our future plans and ambitious targets going forward.     

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. It entails taking care of our employees, of communities living around our factories and of the environment. It is a long journey that requires close partnership and genuine collaboration.   


‘‘We hope this report will inspire you to share our passion and dedication for 'Winning Well'. This philosophy drives us in pursuing our business goals while contributing to the re-birth of a more ethical and sustainable industry. It therefore guides us in helping to shape the future of our planet,’’ says Eric Dorchies, CEO of CIEL Textile.


Here are six takeaways from this report:   


1. Bridging the gender gap   

The gap is narrowing! In 2022, 28% of leadership roles across the group were held by women, as compared to 24% in 2020. Our leaders followed training and awareness sessions to get rid of unconscious bias and better understand women empowerment. Now, the goal is to have 35% of senior positions filled by women by 2030, and to achieve pay parity by 2025.


2. Embracing digital technology in the workplace   

Digital platforms, such as a Cloud-based Human Capital Management System and an online learning management system, have been deployed. These tools give employees easy access to important information and resources. Besides boosting productivity, digital tools enhance employee experience by creating a more flexible, modern, and inclusive work environment.   


3. Sustainable sourcing   

Minimizing our environmental impact is crucial. That is why we increased our use of certified raw materials from 38% in 2020, to 45% in 2022. And we set new targets for ourselves: 50% by 2025, and 80% by 2030. We also consider increasing to 10% the use of raw materials certified as recycled by 2025.   


4. Free health camps in India   

Since 2014, free health camps have been held across the sites where CIEL Textile operates in India. So far, more than 20,000 people have benefited from healthcare services free of charge, such as check-ups, diagnostics, and follow-up. Thanks to their involvement, the employees contribute to the continued success of this Act for our Community initiative.   


5. Renewable energy   

That’s a major achievement! In two years, the share of renewables in energy use has more than doubled: from 14% in 2020 to 36% in 2022. The new target is to further increase it to 60% by 2025 and to 80% by 2030. Thanks to forward-looking measures, the Group has now a coal-free production process, thus achieving a target initially set for 2030. The aim is also to reduce the energy intensity by 5% by 2025.   


6. Carbon footprint   

CIEL Textile is mindful of its environmental impact when it comes to emissions of greenhouse gases. During the financial year 2021-22, the Group planted approximately 80,000 trees in Madagascar, as part of the Act for the Environment program, to offset part of its emissions. In addition, mills have made significant efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.


Kudos to all team members for these accomplishments and staying true to CIEL Textile’s purpose: To Improve Fashion, Every Day.