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Act for our Environment: Committed to beating plastic pollution

“We can all be part of the solution when it comes to plastic pollution. We can all act by adopting good daily habits! At CIEL Textile, we more than ever pay attention to our activities and their impact on the planet, and we will continue to sensitize our teams and the neighboring communities to drive positive change,” explains Quentin Thorel, Group Head of Sustainability of CIEL Textile. 


Launched in 2018, Act for our Environment is CIEL Textile’s promise to protect our biodiversity and natural resources. Each year, in June, our team members organize several activities across all CIEL Textile’s business units in Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh. And this year was no exception!

Our team members worked hand in hand to organize numerous activities on beating plastic pollution, in line with this year’s theme of the World Environment Day. 


Here’re some examples of activities we organized in our business units across Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh: 


  • In Mauritius, Aquarelle and Laguna staff participated in a reforestation program at La Citadelle, in Port-Louis 

  • Aquarelle Mauritius (Grand Bois) and Floreal Madagascar teams implemented vertical gardens 

  • Aquarelle Madagascar, Floreal Madagascar, CDL Mauritius and Tropic India teams organized cleaning campaigns and upcycling programs 

  • No single-use plastic: In India, Aquarelle India organized awareness sessions and distributed tote bags made from cloth waste to employees 

  • Laguna India, in collaboration with a plastic waste recycler, implemented a waste management system to eliminate plastic waste 


Many of these activities involved local communities, NGOs and businesses. 


Other activities were also organized in all our business units in Bangladesh, India, Madagascar and Mauritius, such as the distribution of plants, DIY competitions, drawing competitions as well as slam and poem contests, among others. 


Stay tuned! There’re many more initiatives to come.  


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