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Act for our Community 2023: Spreading good vibes worldwide

Picture this: +2,200 of our talents from India, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Bangladesh gathered in November for the yearly Act for our Community event, and let's just say it, it was incredible! This was a celebration of community love, fueled by energy and passion!

Since 2015, CIEL Textile's commitment to uplifting communities and championing equal opportunities has only strengthened - it's not just a duty; it is deeply ingrained in our culture. This year, we teamed up with +30 partners, including NGOs and schools across the four countries where we operate to drive positive change.


Now, let's talk numbers:

  • We are not just talking the talk; we are about walking the walk - CIEL Textile invested $22,000, symbolizing our dedication to turning resources into real solutions.
  • Big up to our +30 partners and +2,200 talents who gathered, volunteered their time, energy, and skills. By fostering collaboration for the greater good and thanks to this collective effort, a ripple effect of positive change has been initiated and will impact the lives of many.
  • Over 4,600 lives have been touched - We are very happy to have brought smiles and touched the lives of over 4,600 persons in need. 4,600 smiles, stories, and real, tangible change. That's the power of community love!
  • 7 focus areas - Inclusion, Poverty & Social aid, Education, Work, Disability and Health


And guess what? 

The adventure does not end with a one-day event! Our teams are committed, all year-long to making a real impact, like changing the world kind of impact.

So, join us for more adventures because at CIEL Textile, we're not just a company... we are a bunch of dedicated individuals committed to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive!

Check out our post-event video, a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing genuine smiles, heartfelt stories, and a whole lot of love! Dive in, feel the vibes and stay connected as we continue our journey of corporate social responsibility throughout the year!

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