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CIEL Textile's companies in India join the Reverse Resources platform

Imagine a world where textile waste isn't just rubbish but a vibrant resource waiting for a second chance. Well... that world just got a little bit closer!

Big news: CIEL Textile is thrilled to announce this cool partnership with Reverse Resources (RR), making a significant stride in transforming textile waste into a valuable resource. This dynamic collaboration involves three of the group's Indian companies - Aquarelle, Tropic, and Laguna.


Unlocking the magic of Reverse Resources

Reverse Resource's platform connects all the key players in the textile game - manufacturers, fashion brands, waste handlers, and recyclers... Its unique feature is that it does this cool thing, where it maps out where textile waste has been and where it is going.

Nin Castle, Co-Founder, Lead of Recycling and Chief Project Officer at Reverse Resources, shares: "It is fantastic to see how forward-thinking manufacturing groups like CIEL Textile are, understanding that their textile waste is actually a resource and taking active steps to support the emerging textile-to-textile recycling industry whilst offering unique circular production processes to their customers."


CIEL Textile: A commitment to action

This partnership aligns with CIEL Textile's sustainability goals - it is a commitment to action. Commenting this partnership, Eric Dorchies, CEO of CIEL Textile states: "At CIEL Textile, our target is to divert 90% of our waste towards recycling by 2025 and 100% by 2030. In this context, we have successfully initiated a waste classification process, and this partnership seamlessly integrates with our objective." 

He also emphasizes the importance of transparency and traceability in shaping a responsible textile manufacturing landscape.    


Join us on this eco-friendly rollercoaster. It's not just about recycling... it's about working together to enable responsible waste management and a seamless transition to a circular economy. Together, let's rewrite the future of fashion!  Stay tuned for more updates on our circular economy initiatives!


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