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Aquarelle India RCC wins the CIEL Textile's CMEA 2022

Under the Best Apparel Factory, Aquarelle India – RCC (Bangalore) came forth as the grand prize winner, while FSM Spinning & Carding (Mauritius) achieved the Capital-Intensive Factory/Department award.

CIEL Textile: 50 years of excellence and strong ambitions for the future

While CIEL Textile had the honour to celebrate its incredible entrepreneurial journey through its 50th anniversary on Wednesday, 26th of October in Mauritius, the company has a positive outlook for the future.

Meet Our Talent: Hema Surujbhali

Discover the career path of Hema : From Clerk to Merchandise Manager

Making a difference in sustainable knitwear

Fashion is changing every day.

Brands now want their garments to survive after 30 washes. 

Tropic x The Good Shop: Contributing towards a circular economy

Circularity series #2

Floreal Madagascar: Creating a zero-waste textile industry

Circularity series #1: From waste to blanket

Act for our Environment at CIEL Textile

20,000 employees in Mauritius, Madagascar, India, Bangladesh, and South Africa joined hands to celebrate the planet. 

Meet Mahery, Finishing Manager at Tropic Madagascar

 Every dream team has a winning lineup. And they are our superstars!