Act for our Community 2022: Humble Contributions, Big Impact!

Of the many companies that give back to the community, CIEL Textile’s effort is deeply rooted in its culture. Since 2015, CIEL Textile is committed together with its 23,500 employees to empower and vitalise the communities while promoting equal opportunities for all.


This year, our annual Act for Community Day was held on 19th November 2022 in the five countries we operate, namely, Mauritius, Madagascar, India, Bangladesh, and South Africa. And the theme was ‘Towards Inclusion’ aiming to promote projects and initiatives on specific areas such as Education, Poverty Alleviation, Disability and Healthcare


Here're a few examples of the initiatives done on the different sites:

- Donation of School Materials
Desks, Benches, Books & Bags

- Organisation of Free Medical Camps
Blood Donation, ENT Consultations, Covid Vaccination, Diabetes Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening

- Fumigation and Landscaping
Promoting a better environment for a better health

- Fun Activities for Children
Games, Story Telling, Outings



Let’s join hands together and Act for our Community, because small actions, humble contributions will have big impact

Click on the video and discover how we did it!  Stay connected to know more on our upcoming CSR activities all year long. 


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