Virtual Design & Sampling – when fashion meets Hollywood.

Where do you find the most impressive VFXs (visual and special effects) on earth today? You got it : Hollywood!

At CIEL Textile, we use technologies and processes inspired from the movie and video game industry to design smarter and faster our collections and improve the customer experience.

We started this journey 5 years ago with our key partners. Today, we provide 3D design and sampling services that radically optimize our end to end value chain: 

Fewer samples produced

Expanded design options and capabilities

Average Sample development slashed from 
4-5 weeks to 2-3 days

Average Product development reduced from 
4-6 months to 2-3 weeks

Reduced Carbon footprint per sample
from 2.1 kg to 0.2 kg per piece!


Can’t believe it? 
Try us.

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