Tropic x The Good Shop: Contributing towards a circular economy

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This African proverb clearly illustrates Tropic’s commitment of contributing positively and sustainably to the environment in which it operates.


Tropic has, since 2021, been helping The Good Shop Mauritius, a well-known social enterprise, engaged in circular economy and impacting the environment, employment, and education through various channels.


Recycling & upcycling in the fashion & apparel industry

Since the beginning of The Good Shop’s upcycling programme, Tropic has helped through

· the donation of industrial sewing machines which are being used every day by The Good Shop teams,

· the donation of leftover fabrics and threads, and more recently

· the organisation of a donation drive at Tropic’s headquarters, where all employees gathered and participated by donating unused stuff to be upcycled.


The sustainability potential of upcycling

Thanks to these initiatives, The Good Shop has been able to, not only, upcycle and give a second life to several articles which would have been thrown away to landfills, but also create jobs.


Check out the video to learn more about The Good Shop’s upcycling programme and how it helps the community and Mauritius at large!


Stay tuned for our next log in the CIEL Textile Circularity Series!


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