Sustainability : CIEL Textile, on the mission to improve fashion

Did you know that the clothing and textile industry is responsible for more than 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the world? And yes, according to the United Nations, we need more than 3,200 liters of water to produce a single shirt! 

Eventually, this is causing a massive burden on the environment. We cannot continue to produce clothes as we do today! 

This is why, "at CIEL Textile, our purpose is for a world we feel proud of. The mission is to improve fashion every day. There has been a lot of positive impact of what we've done over the last decades that we've come to a stage where we need to make a change’’, says Eric Dorchies, CEO at CIEL Textile

In order to mitigate change, we need to create partnerships!  

Here’s how we are working together with some associations to improve our environmental footprint. And they are;

•    The Sustainable Apparel Coalition 
      SAC launched the Higg Index Tool which enables us to monitor and be transparent by communicating clear, comparable & meaningful sustainability scores publicly.


•    The United Nations Fashion Climate Change Convention 
      The entity is tasked to support the global response to the threat of climate change.


•    The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals
      ZDHC helps managing supply chain to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals that are discharged into water waste. 


Sustainability is not just a word we throw around when want to. It is at the heart of CIEL Textile Strategy which is regrouped under three pillars namely; Forster a Vibrant Workforce, Champion Inclusive Growth and Activate Climate Response

At CIEL Textile, "we take care of our employees, we take care of the community around our factories and we take care of the environment. We know that sustainability is a long journey and we cannot achieve everything alone", says Quentin Thorel, Group Head of Sustainability at CIEL Textile.

 “We provide free lunch. We have a doctor on call. We have a crèche. Another interesting thing, which we do is we operate a five day week. We work one Saturday every month. This is to ensure that workers are automatically able to have a better work-life balance, which is unheard of in the garment industry. People get to see how other companies in the group are performing. They benchmark their practices with them. So there's a lot of learning.” says Sarbajit Ghose, Asia Executive Director at CIEL Textile.

Investing in talents is effortless at CIEL Textile!


Our certified in-house Academy is the catalyst of our Winning Well Culture which invests deeply in people development, providing both soft and hard skills training.

CIEL Textile has always been audacious enough to go beyond manufacturing.

We never stop daring: advanced sustainable products (organic cotton & recycled polyester), state of the art automation R&D, 3D/Virtual Design and the list goes on. We relentlessly explore the fashion of today and support our customers. 

Simon Platts, Responsible Sourcing Director at ASOS says that CIEL Textile has been long-term: ‘“I've worked with CIEL Textile for over 25 years in my career through various different retailers. And I've known that CIEL Textile has always been at the very front and top of the game, when it comes to being responsible, whether that be from a social or environmental point of view, as well as innovative technologies that they've developed on the different products that they work on.”


The scale of the problem is massive.

If we do not make a move quickly, the planet is at risk.
Let’s act NOW!


Stay tuned for our next story on our Sustainable moves. 

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