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Start your international career with CIEL Textile!

Call for fresh graduates!

Enrol for a 1-year program with different training opportunities, within different departments and countries!

Would you like to benefit from mentorship from top leaders of the industry?

The CIEL Textile International Graduate Program is just right for you!


CIEL Textile International Graduate Program

An international graduate program in the fashion and textile industry can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this competitive field. Such a program can offer you a comprehensive understanding of the fashion and textile industry, including fashion design, textile engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and merchandising.

With its 50+ years of expertise, CIEL Textile has designed this exclusive initiative for ambitious and talented individuals who are willing to build on their skills and learn from the group's leaders. This International Graduate Program offers trainings at different levels: technical, leadership and soft skills. Graduates also benefit from an ongoing mentorship by their managers - it is indeed greatly beneficial for young talents to network with professionals in the industry and attend industry events to gain insights into current trends and best practices. 

Apply now for entry in July 2023!


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