Reforestation: Together, let’s regenerate the flora and fauna in Madagascar

The island of Madagascar has lost major of its forest in the past years.
Deforestation has had a direct impact on the environment, topped by insufficient rainfall, which is causing unparalleled famine.

The situation is serious, our teams at Aquarelle, Laguna, Tropic and Floreal decided to join forces with the local community and two organisations namely BONDY and DREDD (Direction Régional de l’environnement et du Développement Durable), under a reforestation project at Antsahasoa, Ankorona Andramasina and Sambaina. 

The Good News?
136, 286 plants reforested! 
And that, within a time-lapse of two years only! 


Year Number of Plants reforested
2021 56, 846
2022 79, 440


And yes! Our teams are determined to continue their quest in regenerating the flora and fauna of this beautiful island. 
With the belief that every small step can make a difference, Aquarelle and Floreal, have even created a plant nursery on site. 


Next step?
It is very important to ensure the growth of those plants. And hence, the real job of reforestation starts from here actually! Through a proper follow-up program.


Here’s how further to the evaluation of the reforestation project in 2021, the Ministry of Environmental and Sustainable Development has certified the percentage survival rate for our previous projects: 


Year Area Number of plants reforested Number if plants survived Survival Rate
2021 Domaine Forestier National d'Ankofafabe 20000 18000 90%
2021 Anala Amparihimena  20000 18000 90%
2021 Anjeva, Ambohitrabiby, Andramasina 1982 1940 98%
2021 Ankazomalaza Ambohimanga Rova 2000 1080 54%
2021 Andranomanelatra  20000 17826 89%


Amazing, right? The evaluation continues!


So, follow us on our quest. Plant a tree, make a difference!

Stay tuned and learn more on our initiatives in Madagascar!