Meet Our Talent: Hema Surujbhali

We come across so many people everyday, whether if it is at the bus stop, in the bus or at work.
Every individual depicts a moving tale. 


In the same way, the talents of CIEL Textile derive inspirational stories through their experiences. 
And they are always ready to narrate us a short piece of that. 


At FLOREAL, we can feel the passion in the voice of Hema Surujbhali.

Hema is full of life and shares with us a few scripts of her career path within the Group: ‘I started as a clerk. I have grown from clerk to supervisor, then senior supervisor… today I am the Sales and Merchandise Manager, and I am proud to be who I am today!’

The latter believes in teamwork and the winning - well spirit: ‘I have a really motivated team at Antsirabe Knitwear who spend so much time at work than at home; so, it is good to work as a winning family, we have faced a lot of challenges together, and we did it because we won the CFEA Award.’

Watch the video and learn more on her journey within the group.
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