Laguna India takes part to the D2C (Direct to Consumer) Revolution

Not so long ago, shopping required us going to stores. 

Not anymore. The digital revolution helped millions of businesses to promote and sell their products online to consumers around the world.


Some retailers pushed the concept even further by removing all intermediaries, platforms, or distributors between the brand and the end-consumer. That’s the Direct to Consumer business model.

Today, with Quince, Laguna India takes part in this retail revolution. It has partnered with the D2C brand by providing a specific “Set-up” while maintaining its highest product quality standards: 

•    Fast-track “on-demand” production – no overstocks
•    Agile warehousing and shipping directly to end-consumer
•    Flexible sales terms and conditions


On one click, consumers will be able to shop for their favourite shirt from Quince store: Men's Shirts & Polos | Quince (


So, what are you waiting for? Go, and Get it!