FLOREAL - More than just recycling!

Many brands across the Fashion Industry are starting to pay attention to the demand for more Sustainable practices. Waste management is one of the major challenges all textile companies are commonly facing.  


At FLOREAL, we’ve adopted the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) strategy to approach this major issue. Nestled in Antananarivo, our company set off with the objective of recycling two major polluting agents we all know:  


Plastic Straps 

Can you imagine turning plastic straps into beautiful & colorful bags? 

This is what we do at FLOREAL


Today, our company has zero plastic straps to throw in the bin.  

In fact, these straps are in demand! They are the actual raw material used in the production of these colorful bags.  


Debuted in 2017, this action has more impact than we could actually imagine. It created jobs for 50 women. Of course, FLOREAL made sure to provide basketry training to help these women to kick off the project. 


Carton Recycling 

Now, let’s talk about Carton.  

Carton recycling is another great project we are implementing in Madagascar. 


How we proceed? 

The cartons are converted into ‘briquettes’ and used as combustible for energy.  

Till date, we have recycled 90,000 KG of cartons waste. And counting. 


We’ll keep up turning challenges into positive innovations!  


Stay tune to know our next step. 


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