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Floreal: 50 years of Timeless vision

Did you know that Floreal was the 1st ever textile company, owned by Mauritians, to kick off its operations in Mauritius, Madagascar and later in Bangladesh? It all began in the 1970s with a bold and visionary move from CIEL Group leaders to invest in the textile industry. At that time, Floreal counted only 150 employees in Mauritius. The group today employs 5,000 talented people and produces 5 million garments annually! 


Floreal: Knitwear expertise since 1971 

To celebrate this incredible entrepreneurial journey, Floreal is holding an exhibition entitled 50 years of Timeless vision! Open to the public since November 2022, the exhibition allows guests to go down memory lane to relive the significant milestones of the group, to discover the different knitting techniques, the sustainable initiatives in garment manufacturing and its innovative vision of the future.


Nouvelle Usine hosts Floreal’s exhibition: 50 years of Timeless vision 

The exhibition is currently being hosted in Floreal’s former factory in Mangalkhan, Mauritius – which has since been transformed into a modern and elegant business centre known as Nouvelle Usine. The original features of the factory have been preserved as a tribute to the historical contribution of Floreal to the island. Former and actual employees who had been invited to the launch event of the exhibition were pleasantly surprised by the transformation – led by CIEL Properties – and felt proud of being part of the bigger CIEL family.  


Exhibition is open to all until the 30th of April 2023 

Pre-book your tour here: mgeorge@floreal.intnet.mu / +230 601 1000


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