From FABRIC SCRAPS to RUGS, nothing goes wasted.

Industrial Material Wastes are never easy to manage.

At CIEL Textile, we are convinced that such waste can be transformed into unique and high-quality products!


This is how CDL Limited embraced this project and turned fabric cuts into beautiful Rug Mats. Launched in 2016, the Rug Mats have gone a long way. It is not only beneficial to our environment but it is a long-term project that aims in helping the community.


As such, it initiated a partnership with the Dubreuil Community Centre, which helped in employing women who were once working in Tea plantations. Thanks to the professional rug-making training, they have learned new skills and discovered the world of entrepreneurship.


Today, these craftworks are not only sold in market but are luxury products which are traded in hotels. Undeniably, this project is a blessing to these women who are now able to contribute to their household expenses.


We are not over yet!


Our teams are working towards extending this upcycling program to other products and beneficiaries such as bags and decorative items.


Let’s go beyond to reduce waste!


Stay tune to learn more.


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