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Enhancing connectivity: Aquarelle India's link road project for nearby villagers

Championing inclusive growth is a major part of CIEL Textile's ethos. It guides our efforts wherever we operate. Our teams at Aquarelle India constructed a link road to make life easier for the people of Basanamudra: the closest community to our Aquarelle Samudra facility. And we’re so happy to see our efforts make a positive difference around us. 


How it all started 

Right in the heart of the Mandya district of Karnataka is the village of Banasamudra. It is home to our Aquarelle India factory, Samudra. However, nearby villagers faced daily challenges navigating through the bumpy, dusty roads every day, facing problems like rough terrain and seasonal flooding. 


Creating a greater impact with the project 

Understanding the importance of connectivity and accessibility for our neighboring community, Aquarelle India teams decided to take action. Initially, our focus was solely on addressing the 400-meter stretch of road leading to our factory's back gate. But then, we realized we could do more and create a greater positive impact. With the green light from the village council and municipality, we set out to build the entire link road, connecting Banasamudra to the nearby highway.  


The outcome: Contributing to inclusive growth  

Stretching over 1.4 kilometers, the Link Road makes life easier for the villagers of Banasamudra. The benefits were immediate and far-reaching: The residents no longer struggle through the mud or worry about flooding. Now, they enjoy smoother and safer journeys, whether it’s commuting to work, accessing essential services, or going to the market. 

Through the construction of the link road, we've strengthened our bond with the community, fostering a sense of mutual support. And as we look to the future, we're committed to keeping the momentum going, making life a little better for everyone, one project at a time


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