Eco Index - A pioneer tool to design more responsibly!

Have you ever thought how your clothes affect the planet?


Here is a fact:

It takes 3200 liters of water to produce a single shirt. This represents enough drinking water for one person for a period of three and a half years.


Or how about this?

10% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the apparel industry. 

Shocking, right? The good news is that it is not too late to change this! This is why our teams at CIEL Textile are constantly working their efforts to make sure that our products have less impact on the environment.

The question is HOW?

CIEL Textile Design and Sustainability teams have developed a pioneer tool – the Eco Index to assist and educate our Creative teams in designing responsible products from A to Z, i.e., from choosing sustainable materials to the packaging stage.

This incredible tool is an automated calculator which evaluates the impact of a garment. With its 5 colouring system, we can easily identify the impact of the clothes, where red is the most impactful and blue the least. 

Amazing, right?

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