Digital Sampling at Floreal Bangladesh- A competitive advantage in the world of fashion today

Digitalisation is a revolution today which is taking a competitive edge in the textile industry.

At CIEL Textile, our teams are continuously working to improve fashion everyday! 

This is how the FLOREAL Team in Bangladesh integrated the Virtual Design Sampling in their daily operations. 

The question is, HOW? 

With the combination of the two software, namely APEX and CLO 3D, we are able to render virtual samples as realistic as a real garment. 

These softwares enable us to:

•    Work – out specific avatar to fit client’s recommendations
•    Make different colour combinations as required by the customer 
•    Avoid garment misfits
•    Design samples in a day compared to the classic sampling method which consumed 2 weeks


Can you believe in delivering samples within a day following clients’ requests?

And yes, this is possible at CIEL Textile only!

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