CIEL Textile Sustainability Report : Winning Well

Sustainability is not just a word we throw around when want to.


It is at the heart of CIEL Textile strategy.


As a company, we are always striving to make sure not only our products, but everything we do, has a little negative impact on the planet as possible. And this year, we are more than ever committed to go beyond with the launching of our first  SUSTAINABILITY REPORT: 'Winning Well'.


Following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, it covers the various sustainable actions of the group. It also illustrates our future goals and objectives in our journey to become a Sustainable Global Fashion Partner!

Illustrated within the 3 pillars of our sustainability strategy, here are some of our objectives:


Foster a Vibrant Workforce

  • Having 35% of Women at Management level by 2030
  • 100% employees trained on ethics and sustainability by 2030


Champion Inclusive Growth

  • Advocating for 30% certified & Recycled raw material usage by 2025 &50 % by 2030
  • Adopting Higg Index tools in our value chain representing 80% of business volume, of which 50% is verified by 2030


Activate Climate Response

  • Initiating 5% reduction in energy by 2025
  • Decreasing our scope 1 & 2 Carbon intensity by 30% by 2030


This is just the beginning of our Sustainability journey, we’re totally committed to do better.


Join us in our mission to “Improve Fashion, Everyday”.




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