CIEL Textile launches the 'GO Beyond Gender' Program

At CIEL Textile, we believe that developing human resources is key to business and something worth striving for.


This is how the team is working together with CIEL Group with the vision to promote the development of women at work.


The question is HOW?


With an ambitious target of 35 % of Women at Management level by 2030, and a broad variety of initiatives designed to work towards that target, we are determined to move the needle towards gender balance with the first ‘CIEL TEXTILE GO BEYOND GENDER’ forum held on 14th October 2021 uniting the top leaders and participants from the different business units in the different locations: Mauritius, India, Madagascar and Bangladesh.


What’s Next?


From there, sub-working groups will be tackling specific topics which will be implemented throughout the whole organization.


Gender Equality is not only ‘fair’, or ‘the right thing to do’! It is in fact essential to “Foster a Vibrant Workforce” which will impact our ability to innovate. Let’s #Go Beyond Gender and create an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute with the whole self.


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