CIEL Textile Graduate Program - Officially launched in Madagascar!

At CIEL Textile, we’re always looking for the best young talents to join our teams.

Thus, we were at ISCAM in Antananarivo, Madagascar on Tuesday 22nd September for the launch of the CIEL Textile Graduate Program.

And yes!

We are ready to welcome YOU: Ambitious, Talented & Tech-Savvy Graduate for a two-year program in our operations in Madagascar.


What is it all about?

This program aims at selecting 20 fresh graduates to join our CIEL Textile “Olympic teams”.

What’s next?

o    Interview and Selection of candidates
o    Onboarding and Induction
o    Learning Evaluation and Progress 
o    Completion of Program
o    Final Selection & Offer of Employment

Interesting, right?

So, enroll now ! by emailing us on 

Stay tuned for more!