CIEL Textile on CNN Africa : Reinventing Textile in Mauritius

The Mauritian Economy is driven 30% by the textile & apparel industry. No doubt, it has to reinvent itself to stay competitively onto the catwalk!  The question is ‘HOW?’


At CIEL Textile, our strategy is based on 3 main pillars:


Sustainability: ‘Being Sustainable is critical in our world today. We started our journey in Sustainability 10 years ago as we’re one of the first believers that the industry has to change’ says Eric Dorchies, CEO at CIEL Textile in an interview with CNN Africa.


Digitalization: Adopting transformational solutions such as the 3D Fashion Design has been a must to improve design and manufacturing processes. The biggest challenge at CIEL Textile has been to promote our 3D design services to our customers. No wonder, the COVID – 19 pandemic left no options than adopting this change during a period where there are travel restrictions.


Talents: At CIEL Textile we believe that “the Best Teams will Win”.  Therefore, investing in our talents is one of our major priorities.


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 And stay tune to learn more on our future goals.

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