CFEA 2021: 'And the Winner is . . .'

Eleven Business Units, One Ultimate Award & One Winner;
All on the same race, for ‘Excellence’!


And yes, CIEL Textile resumed its yearly tradition with the Chairman’s Front - End Excellence Awards (CFEA)!

This CFEA edition showcased some evolution! 
With the COVID-19 going up again, we had to reinvent and adapt. The team came up with the challenging and ‘crazy idea’ of a 100% Virtual Event.


More than 1000 employees were connected from (Mauritius, Madagascar, Bangladesh & India) to celebrate ‘Excellence’ in the different Front –End activities such as the Design, Marketing, Planning to name only a few.

And essentially for this edition, the organizing team went completely outside the normal scenarios and brought forward the ‘Green –Room’ setups enabling a dual-location event in Mauritius and India live on the same platform. 


Amazing, right?



Now, let’s have a look to who were the winners of this friendly competition!



And the winner of the Chairman’s Marketing Award is…


FLOREAL Region Team 


Here’s the list of winners to the different awards:

Global Marketing Award

Laguna India

Best Design & Product Development Team

Tropic Region

Best Front – End Back Office Team

Floreal Region

Best Sampling and Pre- Production Team

Tropic India

Best Planning Team

Aquarelle India

Best Logistics Team

Tropic Region &CDL

Best Procurement Team

Aquarelle India

Best Proximity Office & Agent

Robbie de Fleuriot (RSA Market for CFL, CDL)

Finance Excellence

Aquarelle India

Act for Environment

Tropic Tana

Act for Community

Laguna Antsirabe


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And, stay tuned to learn more on our next event.