Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the CIEL Textile International Graduate Program

Meet Kelly, Miarisoa, Tsiry and Zo – our graduates, from Madagascar, taking part in the CIEL Textile International Graduate Program, an exclusive initiative designed by CIEL Textile for ambitious and talented young people to interact with the group's leaders, enabling them to build on their skills and grow - both on a personal and professional level.


What is the CIEL Textile International Graduate Program?

Launched in February 2022, the CIEL Textile International Graduate Programme has onboarded 25+ young Malagasy graduates. They have, since, been participating in various projects within different departments such as marketing, production technology and quality, amongst others. 

This initiative is part of CIEL Textile's corporate strategy and vision to develop a dynamic workforce by investing in the grooming of a pool of young talents, who will later become the future leaders at CIEL Textile. 


Fostering a vibrant workforce

Follow our graduates as they share their experience and learning journey at CIEL Textile, across their respective sites. Watch as they shift from biases and preconceived notions on the textile industry to positive and passionate testimonials about their in-house trainings and daily activities at Aquarelle, Laguna, Tropic and Floreal sites in Madagascar.  


What's different from any other degree/coaching?

It's the fact that all participants of the CIEL Textile International Graduate Program are offered trainings at different levels: technical, leadership and soft skills, but they also benefit from an ongoing mentorship by their managers. It's not only about learning the theoretical aspects, but also implementing them and learning on the job, whilst being coached by their respective leaders.


Eager to learn and embrace a new challenge? Stay tuned for more updates on how we are preparing the leaders of tomorrow!


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