Breaking News: Laguna India opens its 2nd Factory in Bengaluru, India.

India is definitely THE “hot spot” for garment manufacturing and sourcing today;

•    It has a highly qualified workforce,
•    It has a vertical supply chain (from fiber to apparel),
•    It benefits from technological hubs proximity for automation and digital integration.


As demand is high, we need to answer to it. 
And that's why, Laguna India opened its second factory in Bengaluru, very close to the corporate office and its current factory in Kanakapura. 


Our Laguna Leadership Team has thought BIG: with this second factory, the yearly capacity is going to be doubled to reach up to 10 million pieces! The target is by June 2023, seven production lines will be functional, delivering 8,000 to 10,000 per day.


At CIEL Textile, we believe in our teams who bring their passion, love, and fun in whatever they do. Our role as an employer is to make sure that our teams are continuously valued and taken care of.

Thus, the new facilities are top-notched: 
•    A Medical Room, Canteen, and Day Care Facilities for employees’ children.
•    An extended Sampling Unit which can cater for all clients needs and 3 times larger capacity (more details coming soon)
•    Technological equipment: Technical VCs, Digital Product Presentation, and Fitting with the customers directly.


Facility is fully compliant and approved by SEDEX-SMETA and from few of our customers. We are in the process of certifications for BSCI, ISO26000, CT-PAT, HIGG (FEM & FSLM).

Amazing, right? 

So, what are you waiting for, contact us now!