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Beating the heat: Laguna India tests out air-powered drinking water solution

With a growing population and limited resources, access to clean drinking water in India has become a concern. Add this to the growing challenge: unpredictable weather patterns and rising temperatures. It's a complex situation, but at CIEL Textile, we're determined to find innovative solutions. That's why at Laguna India, we're trying out a new approach to water independence – and it's pretty cool (literally)! 


Air-powered water generator at Laguna Kanakapura facility  

At our factory in Kanakapura, we have installed a new technology that can extract water from the air and turn it into clean drinking water. This atmospheric water generator is the result of our sustainability team's research, testing, and implementation.  


The benefits of this sustainable solution  

This system works like a giant dehumidifier. It draws in humid air and condenses it into pure drinking water. This technology is ideal for places with high humidity, which suits our location well.  

We are still learning from this project, which we launched in July 2023. During the monsoon season, the system performs even better, producing up to 750 liters daily! The water output varies between 350 and 800 liters depending on the humidity levels throughout the year. 


A refreshing change for our team 

The best part? The clean water produced has become a dependable source for our employees. We can now access fresh drinking water every day and reduce our reliance on blue water sources, thanks to this innovative sustainable approach. 


A step in the right direction

This project is a small step toward CIEL Textile's sustainability goals. By exploring ways to reduce our reliance on traditional water sources, we hope to contribute to responsible water management and ensure a secure water supply for our team. We're excited about the potential of this technology and its impact on our environment and community. 


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