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Aquarelle Samudra unveils its smart wash plant in India

Aquarelle Samudra keeps on innovating! The business unit inaugurated a brand new  in-house smart wash plant in January, right here in India. It’s a great first for Aquarelle India, and we’re thrilled to share this exciting news with you! 


Reducing its environmental footprint 

It’s all about doing good for the planet. We’re talking less water, less energy, fewer chemicals, and way less CO2 emissions!

This major innovation will improve the factory’s performance by: 

  • Saving 10,600KL of water each year – that's a whole lot of water saved, and a drastic reduction in water and energy consumption! 

  • Reducing 800 tons of CO2 each year – less carbon dioxide floating around in the air means cleaner, fresher air for us all. 

  • Eliminating 50 tons of chemical each year – a big step towards a cleaner and more sustainable approach to textile production! 


Isn’t that great news for the planet? 


Doing more with less 

But wait! It’s not only good for the planet, but also for our customers! Aquarelle Samudra is upping its game, offering more variety and better quality products while using fewer resources.  


Extending the range of deliverables 

And yes, this cutting-edge equipment opens new possibilities. We’re talking more color variations and types of washes, all while optimizing operational costs. 

“We have been building world-class factories over the past years. The launch of this smart wash plant shows our commitment towards sustainability practices, and aligns perfectly with the growing demand from our clients for innovative, sustainable and top-quality products. I congratulate the wash team, the R&D team and the top management for the successful implementation of this project,” says Sarbajit Ghose, Asia Executive Director. 


And this isn’t just a one-off thing - this new facility fits right in with Aquarelle Samudra’s, India’s first LEED Platinum certified factory, commitment to being eco-friendly and innovative. This reflects CIEL Textile’s commitment to preserving the environment and reducing its footprint. 


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