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Aquarelle and Floreal Madagascar encourage sustainable mobility for employees

Check out this smart move by Aquarelle and Floreal Madagascar! Indeed, both business units offered a credit facility to 3,781 employees to buy their own bicycles. Why, you ask? Well, fuel and bus fares have increased a lot in Madagascar lately, making it more challenging for our team members to get around. But now, all beneficiaries are cycling to come to work, run errands, or exercise in their spare time. 


Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we strive to find to help them overcome the challenges they face, as best as we can. To alleviate some of these difficulties, we initiated this project: offering them the opportunity to explore alternative means of transportation. We hope this support would help the employee mobility as well as their well-being.,” says Ayaz Tajoo, COO of Aquarelle Group Region and Floreal Madagascar. 



Let us hear from our team members! 

“Thanks to Aquarelle for this bike! This helps me a lot. As I live far from the factory, I had to leave at 5 a.m. to arrive on time. I now leave later. Moreover, this project helped me make my kid’s dream come true. Indeed, he always wanted to have a bicycle. And paying the installments does not impact my budget. Without this facility, this would have been unthinkable!”  

Frederic Rakotonirina, Aquarelle Tana 


“Buying this bike really helps me. I was spending some 2,400 Ariary daily on bus fares. But now I do not, and I am always on time.”  

Fabrice Solofoniaina Herizo, Laguna Madagascar 


“I am very happy to have benefited from this project. I used to spend 1,200 Ariary daily on bus fares; now I can use it to buy food. Thanks to the management and all those who played a part in implementing this project.” 

Lalaina Henintsoa, Aquarelle Antsirabe 


This project is in line with our commitment to providing a best-in-class employee experience to all our talents.

Want to know more about our initiatives? Check out our 2nd Winning Well report!  



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