“Act For” Initiatives at CIEL Textile

In this world there’s 2 kinds of attitudes towards Sustainability

  • Talk a lot (and do nothing) about it
  • Act for it


That’s why we’ve created the “Act for” initiatives we’ve started our journey into Sustainability back in 2015. 

Centered on two major programs, the #ActForInitiatives enable us to empower our teams to get involved into social and environmental projects. All our 18,000 CIEL Textile talents dedicate, all year long, a part of their time for volunteer work:


  1. Act For Our Community : Our engagement in helping vulnerable and underserved individuals.
  2. Act For Our Environment : Our initiative in fostering change in our environment.


Let’s take a look at what happened in our Act For Community initiatives recently:

Funds Raising

Food and essential products supply in Madagascar

Masks & hydro-alcoholic gel supply in Mauritius

School and students sponsoring

Fun Activities for children 


Click on the video and discover how we did it!


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