A 48 Sustainable Yarns Collection: At FSM only!

Looking for unique yarns with beautiful colours, special finish, and even, with a responsible impact on the environment? At FSM, we can help!

Our products are created from ‘innovative fibres’. 

Twisted from responsibly sourced wool and cashmere fibres, we are proud to introduce our 48 Sustainable Yarns Collection. Two examples from this pack:


Made from a blend of wool and seacell fibre (a marine algae obtained through low environmental impact extrusion process)

99% Recyclable: Made from a blend of Tencel TM Lyocell fibre and wool 


Last but not least, these yarns are certified: EU Ecolabel, RWS, Global Recycled Standard and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

And yes, you got it right: each yarn is unique!

Get in touch with us for more details: https://www.cieltextile.com/get-in-touch

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